About Us


A company is built out of never-ending hard work and absolute commitment. And it’s with that hard work and commitment that, today, Birbanni by Vyshivka India is one of the leading manufacturers of ethnic dress materials and women’s clothing in the country. Our objective has always been to produce the best quality collection of ethnic wear products and focus on customer satisfaction. Right from the time we started, from scratch to today, when we are one of the leading companies in the country, we have always firmly adhered to our morals and principles.

It is very important to remember where you come from, in order to have a vision of where you are going. A vision that can only be fulfilled by our people, the company’s most valuable asset. Our strong team of 1000+ employees works with complete dedication and sincerity in order to deliver unmatched customer services to our clients.



As responsible members of the society and environment, our industrial setup is very conscious of our CSR efforts and takes every possible action in order to help develop as well as nurture our society and environment. Our lush green manufacturing plants along with our water conservation setups make us an elite member of sustainable companies in India. Alongside, Birbanni India currently funds a local school, that supports the needs of over 150 students. Birbanni India also runs a life skills program for local children. This elevating and educational program has already trained 1000+ students and employed more than 100. Our company also takes special care of its employees as accommodation of over 100 employees is facilitated in our unit.

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Mission and Vision

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Our vision is to provide the highest quality, globally competitive, and innovative products to our customers using the best possible technology. Our manufacturing efforts seek to build an incredible value for end users.

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To establish and maintain the core values of transparency, efficiency, integrity, customer satisfaction, and environmental responsibility in the organization. Upholding the wishes and contentment of all the stakeholders 

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Customer Satisfaction



Capacity leadership is really important. Our considerable production capabilities give us the advantage of the economies of scale and empower us to Offer the most extensive range of women’s clothing to our customers.

DESIGN HOUSE of women’s clothing

Our team of 50+ designers seated in the design house of Birbanni India offers the wide stand most unique range of designer products. Every day, our designers make at least 35 new garment designs of diverse ranges. Once you start dealing with us, you will virtually enter the world of endless designs.

QUALITY CONTROL of women’s clothing

Quality and customer satisfaction come first in our list of objectives. At Birbanni, we have consciously built a very efficient system of quality control to uphold and preserve the required level of quality in all our products. Such a system exists at every level of the production process in order to minimize and eliminate errors. From the raw material stage to the finishing stage, the entire process cycle is error-free and ensures 100% quality.


Our industrial setup boasts of cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art machines. We follow the practice of actively taking up new technology across all production systems. Our standard machinery and newly established equipment allow maximum capacity utilization and equip us to produce the best quality products at lower cost and time. Birbanni , as an organization, has the principle of procuring the highest quality German and Japanese technologies where ever possible.